Text Extraction, File Conversion And More!

What is DailyOCR?

DailyOCR is a new assembly of free online tools that offers a small variety instruments, each of them meant to improve the process of their respective purpose. We aim to keep the results of the processes as accurate as possible and try to give our users the quality product they seek and need.
Today more and more big and small companies digitalize their work management and possibly the environment. This implies that most of their papers, invoices and other significant documents are converted from physical form to digital. Sometimes these digital documents require some formatting, conversion from one format to another, removing one page or splitting PDF file, extracting text from an image or pdf, you name it. Today all these necessities can be taken care of using tools available all over the internet. But these tools are not aimed specifically to companies. Users from all over the internet can access these services and use them in their own interests!

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Conversion Tools

Since the most used document type that circulates the internet is the Portable Document Format or PDF our tools are specialised in processing this type of files.

Text Extraction

If you need to extract text from a PDF or even images our OCR tool is best suited for the job. The text extracted will be placed inside a Word document or a text file by user choice. More than that our tool can transform your images or PDF into a searchable PDF. This means that your resulted file will have an invisible mask layed over the document that will contain the text found inside it. The text is selectable and you can search through it and even copy the contents.

PDF Conversion

Either you need to transform your PDF file to an image or multiple images or the other way around, your need your images to be placed inside a PDF our tools are capable of doing so and the results are satisafying.

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SEO Tools

Most of our tools are file based meaning that they process files in order to obtain a different type of the file or extract contents from them. However we offer some small SEO tools meant to help you improve your site text structure.

Keyword Density And Word Counter

Our Keyowrd Density Checker will help you find out how your page keywords are spread throughout your webpage! The frequency, density and appearance in important tags are determined by our checker and displayed in a table for a better view of your text.

Meta Tags Review

Meta Tags are essential when it comes to SEO and even more they require an optimised structure in order to improve ranking on search results. Our small tools will give the users insights on how well their meta tags are written. Along with our Meta Review Tools we offer the users writing helper tools for meta title and description. These tools helps the user to write titles and description while the length and character count are updated in real time!

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Our tools are PDF based and SEO oriented!

Extract text

OCR tool for Image and PDF text extract

Convert to image

PDF to Image tool for PDF conversion

Create from image

Image to PDF tool for Image conversion

SEO for Meta Tags

Check and optimse meta tags for wepages
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