Page Size Checker

Fast and reliable our tool can help you calculate the total size of one or multiple pages. Simply insert page links separated by new lines.

About the Page Size Checker

A free tool that will allow you to calculate the sizes of all your webpages. No registration required, simply insert the link to your webpage, hit the button and get your results!

How to perform a size check using the Page Size Checker?

Our tool is user-firendly designed to be used by any individual without the need of technical knowledge. Of course that website owners, developers and SEO professionals will benefit from the valuble insights our tool will give them regarding their site size.

To find the size of your website simply list the links of your site in the input box, separate them by inserting each in a new row and hit the button. You'll get the results in no time with descriptive messages that will let you know which page size is above the limit that will degrade your user experience!

What is a standard webpage size?

There isn't a fixed or standard size for web pages, as it can vary significantly based on the content and design of the website. However, it's essential to keep the size of web pages in check to ensure optimal loading times and a positive user experience.

The total size of a web page, including all its resources (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, images, videos, etc.), should ideally be kept under 2 MB. However, lighter pages (under 1 MB) tend to load faster and provide a better user experience, particularly on mobile devices with slower connections.

If you find yourself with a page size above 2MB you should consider how you deliver the content by reducing the proportions of the page.

How can I optimize HTML page size?

Restructure the website layout size, improve the mobile page size, everything that can have it's size reduced so they all add up to a better default webpage size. Here are a few suggestions on how to reduce the website page size:

  • Minify the page resources like JavaScript and CSS.
  • Compress your images. If you use images to deliver the content consider compressing them to reduce the website page size. While resizing isn't an option for every situation because it might alter the page layout compressing them using online tools or using "webp" images will significantly reduce the size of your page.
  • Use CDNs (Content Delivery Newtork) where possible. It doesn't really affect the webpage size itself but will help by reducing the server respone time resulting in a faster page load, which is what every website owner aims for.
  • Use the broser caching system to store static reources on the user's device and eliminate the need to re-donwload them on every next visit.

How do I check HTML Size of a page?

Manually calculating the webpage size can become troublesome as you have to take a calculator, look at all the elements your page, check them individually for their size and finally add them all up. You can make mistakes and misscalculations and in the end get the wrong answer.

That's why tools like our page size checker exist. To find size of your website entirly using a few clicks. Save your precious time and use our totally FREE tool to measure your entire website.

How can I bennefit from using a Web Page Size Checker?

Every website owner wants to deliver their content to their users fast! Studies show that users tend to close the browser tab if the page doesn't load in at least 2 - 3 seconds and for good reason. The internet is full of content that deliver the same information and the user could look for it elsewhere than your page even though, lets's say your content is of the highest quality.

In this situation both you and the user have to loose. So consider your response time and the first thing to look at is the page sizes. A size above 2MB will start degrading your response time as the resources will take a while to load before the page can become interactive.

So how does our web page size calucator help? By listing all your links we will calculate the page sizes and will display them in a tabular layout.

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