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Start creating sitemaps now using our sitemap generator! The process is simple: insert your web domain and the rest is taken care of by us, you just need to have patience!

What is a sitemap generator?

A sitemap generator is nothing more but a crawler. This means that the algorithm behind it will analyze or "crawl" each public page of your website and scan it for other URLs that link to the same website.

That's the idea of a sitemap, to list every public page that you want to be indexed by the search engines so that visitors can see all the content listed in the SERP.

Why use our sitemap creator?

Users that create their XML files with the help of our tool will enjoy the benefits of using:

  • A FREE service, no restrictions. Create sitemaps for all your websites!
  • No limits on site links!
  • Secure tool! No user data or cookies are used while generating the sitemap.
  • A fast and reliable tool! For sites with a small number of pages you will get your sitemap in no time!
  • For sites with a large number of pages the crawler may take a while to find all the links. Just make sure you don't close the page while the process is running!

How our XML Sitemap Creator works

Our tool will start analyzing the landing page, or index page of your website, find all the links listed inside it and from there each found link will be individually processed and analyzed in the same way.


Our sitemap creator will not add to the resulted sitemap redirected links! If the final location of the redirect will give a favorable response to our request that final link will be listed in the sitemap. You don't want your sitemap overpopulated with 10 links that redirect to the same page.


The generator does not include subdomains in creating the xml sitemap.


The sitemap xml generator keeps an eye out for the "noindex" links. These links are not meant to be indexed due to various reasons. So our tool will avoid listing them in the resulted sitemap.

Broken URLs

Of course broken links that are not found or encounter a server error are also dismissed and not added to the sitemap.


Some of your site links may include URLs to files that are addressed to users therefore you want them to appear in SERP. We include these files in the resulted sitemap.

XML Link Limit

A standard rule for creating a XML Sitemap is that the total number of links that will be added must not exceed 50.000! We take this into consideration and split the resulting XML document into multiple files if the amount of links found on a website exceeds this threshold. For each 50.000 found links a separate sitemap will be created!

Understanding the importance of using a sitemap generator with 6 examples

  1. New Website Launch

    When launching a new website, using the sitemap generator tool ensures that a comprehensive sitemap is quickly created. This helps search engines discover and index the website's content efficiently.

  2. Website Redesign

    During a website redesign, the tool can help create a fresh sitemap that reflects the updated structure, ensuring that search engines can properly crawl and index the new design.

  3. URL Structure Changes

    When making changes to the URL structure, the sitemap generator can quickly create an updated sitemap that reflects the new URLs. This helps prevent indexing issues due to URL changes.

  4. Large Website Management

    For websites with a substantial number of pages, the tool simplifies the process of creating comprehensive sitemaps that include all relevant URLs.

  5. Website Migration

    During website migration or redesign, the tool can assist in generating updated sitemaps that accurately represent the new structure, aiding in smooth indexing by search engines.

  6. Indexability Check

    The tool can be used to generate a sitemap for a domain and then analyze it to ensure that all essential pages are properly included. This helps in maximizing search engine indexability.

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