Free Broken Links Checker

Dead sitemap links can affect your SEO ranking! Our tool will help you identify broken links and the source of the problem! Fast and accurate our broken links detector will help you clean your sitemap!

About Broken Links Checker Tool

Our Sitemap Broken Link Checker is a comprehensive tool that thoroughly examines your sitemap and checks each URL listed inside it for potential issues.

Our algorithms crawl your website, verifying the availability and responsiveness of every page. We provide you with reports highlighting any broken links, HTTP errors, or other problems detected during the scanning process. By regularly checking and updating your sitemap, you can ensure a seamless user experience, enhance your website's search engine visibility, and drive organic traffic.

User-Friendly Interface: our tool features an intuitive and user-friendly interface, making it accessible to users of all technical backgrounds. You don't need extensive coding knowledge or experience to utilize this tool effectively.

How to use the Broken Link Checker?

Our tool finds broken links on websites by analyzing the site's sitemap. You can use our Broken Links Checker in one of the following ways:

  • Directly insert the sitemap link
  • Insert the website's domain and we will search for the sitemap inside "Robots.txt"

In case of a sitemap index file the first sitemap listed in that file will be analyzed!

For sitemaps with a large number of urls it may take a while to get the results. Be patient!

5 reasons why you should use our Sitemap Dead Links Checker

  1. Website Maintenance

    Website owners can use the tool to periodically scan their sitemap and identify broken links. This helps in keeping the website's user experience seamless by promptly fixing broken links that might frustrate visitors.

  2. SEO Optimization

    SEO professionals can leverage the tool to analyze sitemap links for broken URLs. This ensures that search engines can properly crawl and index the website's content without encountering dead-end links.

  3. Post-Redesign Checks

    After a website redesign, the tool can verify that all updated URLs are correctly listed in the sitemap and that there are no broken links resulting from the changes.

  4. New Content Validation

    When new content is added, the tool can be used to quickly check that all newly created links are functioning correctly and leading to the intended pages.

  5. E-commerce Maintenance

    For online stores, the tool can be invaluable in identifying broken links on product pages, categories, and other important areas of the website, ensuring a smooth shopping experience.

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