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With our intuitive interface and comprehensive analysis, you get valuble insights to drive your SEO to the next level.

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Get a full analysis of your webpage in no time! Our analyzer will test your page against all onpage SEO aspects.


Each test will inform you how to properly optimize on-page elements or other page sections in order to achieve a SEO friendly structure.

A Complete SEO Analysis

The main issue of most webmasters is regarded to page optimization. You may be an expert in the services your website is offering but if your targeted audience can't find your bussiness online you are facing a loss of revenue and popularity. SEO is a totally different branch when it comes to web presence and in most cases these matters fall under one specialized person or group responsability.

Full SEO Audit using our analyzer

With our SEO checker you get a fast report on your page status. You can find issues most webowners face in regard with page optimization such as high loading time, internal link management, correct meta tags and other page and server aspects. Addressing these issues require knowledge of their status and this is exactly what our seo reports offer you. Before you spend money on one expert's opinion on your SEO status try out our seo tester and take action against the problems you might face.

SEO Page structure

A well structured content is what makes a user stay and interract with your webpage. Users want their information to be easy to access and desgined in a readable fashion. This being said you must make use of the elements a webpage offers such as headings, links and maybe a schema that keeps the user updated where in the webpage he currently is.

Testing Text Content quality with our SEO Checker

The foundation of your page is relevant only if the content is fit to your subject. Another aspect that is concerning webowners is the content quality, a characteristic that is of utmost importance in terms of seo and last but not least for users. Not only the text must provide correct facts but it must be atractive and varied in respect of the number of words it contains.

A wider range of unique words is healthy for SEO as crawlers can mark your page as spam if a group of words are used multiple times in a short word span. Our SEO checker is what you need in these matters. Our checker will detect a wrong heading structure, missing head lines and gives you a comprehensive review of your content words quality.

Why you should use DailyOCR Seo Page Report

Free page audits and detailed explanations

Take advantage of a free audit tool that helps you identify optimization problems and take action against vulnerabilities that would slow down the progress to a perfect seo.

Fast, reliable and friendly reports

By simply providing a URL in the input box and clicking one button your report will be ready in no time and you can exploit the issues and recommandations our seo checker supplies.

No account required. No limits.

As stated above our tool is a FREE seo analyzer and does not require an account to benefit from our reports. You can create reports for all your pages.

Small and new bussinsses favourite

New websites always face SEO issues when first entering the world of web. If you are a young bussines don't hesitate to try our FREE tester in order to avoid taking he wrong path of SEO journey.

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