Robots.txt Test

Robot.txt is a crucial asset your website needs. Search engine crawlers need this file to know where they are allowed to crawl and where not. Use our tool to check if your website has a valid Robots.txt!

About the Robots Checker

The SEO Robots Checker tool helps website owners ensure that their website's robots.txt file is properly configured for search engines. Select the Crawler from the list and our tool will check if the robots.txt fill is allowing it to crawl your site.

This file plays a crucial role in determining which pages of a website are indexed by search engines. By using this tool, website owners can scan their robots.txt file and identify any issues or errors that may be hindering their website's visibility in search engine results.

What is Robots.txt

A basic text file the search engines crawlers need in order to gain information on which pages they should crawl and from which to stay away.

It is usually located in the root directory of the specific website and it contains rules for the search engines crawlers. This helps the crawlers limit their range of action to specific pages of the site, generally the pages that are indexed or are submitted for indexing. This ensures a good crawling of the site.

The file must also contain the path to the sitemap.xml, a simple xml file that tells the crawlers which pages are indexed or requested for indexing.

Why you should use our Robots.txt Analyzer

  1. Robots.txt Verification

    The robots.txt checker tool assists website owners in locating their robots.txt file. By analyzing the provided URL, it quickly identifies the location of the file on the website's root domain.

  2. Content Inspection

    The tool inspects the robots.txt content to ensure that it follows the correct syntax and adheres to the directives supported by search engines.

  3. Syntax Validation

    The tool scans the robots.txt file for syntax errors, helping users correct any mistakes that might prevent search engine crawlers from interpreting the file accurately.

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