Meta Description Checker

Improve your SEO and ranking by optimizing your meta description. Pixel length, total word count, use keywords make a good description if they are used within limits.

About the Meta Description Length Checker

The SEO Description Checker tool a user-friendly tool designed to help you optimize your web page's meta description for better search engine rankings. It fetches the tag from the inserted URL and analyzes it by calculating it's pixel length and character count.

By entering your web page's URL, the tool quickly analyzes your meta description and provides actionable recommendations to improve it. You can then use this information to make the necessary changes and improve your page's SEO.

How to check if a page has meta description?

There are tow ways to accomplish this task.

Manually Check

  1. Open up a tab on your favourite browser and go to the page you want to find the tag.
  2. Right click anywhere on the page and from the dialog select "Inspect Element" to open the developer window.
  3. On the Elements tab from the developer window navigate to the <head> section of the page.
  4. Search for the element <meta name="description" content="actual description text">

Use A Meta Description Checker

Use our free tool! Insert the link click a button and you're done!

What is Meta Description?

It's one of the fundamental meta tags a webpage must have and it represents a short sentance or phrase that summarises content of the page. On the search results the description appears under the title of the page.

The tag is manually set by the owner of the webpage and it must be in compliance with the standards of the search engines and accurately represent the page's content . For example, in many cases Google may display a snippet of text that provides a brief overview of the content found on a specific web page even though the specific web page has a meta descriptions.

Typically placed within the HTML code of a webpage's head section, the meta description tag doesn't appear directly on the webpage itself, but rather, it plays a crucial role behind the scenes. When a user conducts a search on a search engine, the meta description tag can be displayed in the search results, offering a glimpse into what the page is about. This tag is a valuable opportunity for website owners and content creators to entice potential visitors with a compelling and informative preview of their content. Crafting an effective meta description tag involves striking a balance between brevity and relevance, as it not only influences whether users click on your link but also impacts your webpage's SEO by providing search engines with valuable context about your content.

<meta name="description" content="actual description text">

Why Google doesn't display my meta description?

Google does not always display the original meta description that was set by the site owner. Depending on many factors such as: the user input query, length limitations, content quality and many more Google may choose a different description for the results page.

Relevance to the User's Query

Google is always trying to deliver the most relevant content related to the user input. In this case the original meta description may not align well with the specific query and Google may choose to display a snippet of text from the page that is more relevant to the user input query.

Content Quality

Google's algorithms assess the quality and relevance of both the meta description and the content on the page. If Google believes that the meta description does not accurately represent the page's content or if the content is deemed more informative and relevant, it may opt to display a snippet from the actual content.

Length Limitations

The character count and seo description length limit can also impact Google's choice of displaying the "correct" description. As stated above the meta description length and character count must be within limits. There are no official Google limits for this tag but considering the results snippets displayed on the results page the length should'nt exceed 1000 pixels / 160 characters. Otherwise google may truncate it or create a custom snippet.

Mobile vs. Desktop

Snippets displayed on mobile devices may differ from those on desktops due to differences in screen size and user behavior.

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