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Improve your SEO and ranking by optimizing your meta title. Pixel length, total word count, use keywords make a good title if they are used within limits.

About the Title Tag Checker

Our SEO title checker tool analyzes your page titles to ensure that they are properly formatted and contain relevant keywords. By using our tool, you can identify any issues with your page titles that may be hindering your website's visibility in search engine results.

It calculates the title tag length in pixels and the total characters used for the title. The tool also searches for duplicate words and possible used keywords from the analysed page. Well optimised meta tags like title and description make up for a better ranking in the results.

What is Meta Title?

A meta title, also known as a title tag, is an HTML element that provides a concise and accurate description of a web page's content. It appears at the top of the browser window and is often used as the clickable headline in search engine results pages (SERPs).

Before visiting the page, the users first make contact with the page's title. In this moment the page makes the first impression to the user and makes them understand the relevance of the page content relative to their search query. A thoughtfully crafted meta title will attract the user and will encourage them to click through the page.

As an HTML element, the title tag is found inside the <head> section of the page among other meta tags. Being a <head> element, the title tag does not appear on the page content as these elements only infoirm the browser and search engines relevant SEO and techincal information about the page.

<title>Insert title here</title>

How long should the meta title length be?

While there isn't a fixed character limit for meta titles, adhering to certain guidelines can significantly impact your page's performance in search results.

For example if we look at the results on the Google SERP, we can identify that a recommended length should be between 30 -60 characters or 200 - 580 pixels. This length ensures that your title displays effectively in search engine results pages (SERPs) without being truncated. Google typically displays the first 50-60 characters of a meta title, and exceeding this limit may result in the title being cut off, potentially diminishing its impact on users. However, the character limit isn't a strict rule but rather a best practice. It's important to prioritize clarity and relevance over length.

Regarding seo, a title length checker will help you calculate the length and character count of your title indicating how much you should truncate of it so search enginges can properly display the entire title.

How does meta title affect SEO?

As stated above, title tags not only help the webpage make the first impression to new users but also helps search engines understand how relevant the content of the page is in respect to the users input query. There are a lot of factors that help create a good title that add to the overall user experience and to the crawlers ability to deliver content.

Keyword Optimization

Keywords are a prime factor on how meta titles directly influence SEO. Adding relevant keywords in the title of the page will improve the page's ranking on the SERPs. This, of course only if the content of the page is relevant to the specific keyword.

This is a significant opportunity to use a difficult keyword to promote your content.

User Engagement

CTR or click-through rates are also a prime component in boosting the SEO. Clicks only happen when the users are compelled to see what your page has to deliver them. A good meta title makes the users curious and encited leading them to visit the webpage and interact with the content inside it.

Search Relevance

Search engines also bennefit of an optimized title, as they can make a relevant page results in accordance with the user query as the first piece of content it analyzed is the meta title. This will enhance the visibility for specific queries.

Brand Visibility

Consistent and recognizable meta titles help establish brand authority and recognition in search results. This gives an advantage for new brands and companies to compete with other big names on the web.

How do I include my brand name in the title tag?

There is no standard rule defined by the search engines but a good practice is to include two relevant keywords separated by a dash then use a pipe to further separate they keywords from the brand name: Keyword 1 - Keywrod 2 | BrandName

Mobile Optimization

This is where the length of the title plays a crucial role in SEO. If the length is too high the results page on a larger screen, for example a computer, may display the full title of the page but on smaller devices like a mobile phone or a table this title could be truncated. While this doesn't directly affect SEO it affects user experience as the users won't be able to fully understand what the page is offering them.

In terms of SEO, a title length checker will help you analyze the structure of your tag and how to make the changes your page needs for a better SERPs visibility.

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