Broken Links Checker

Scan your website for broken links. Don't let the 404 urls affect your SEO or your reputation!

How can Broken Links affect my site?

Broken links are URLs that fail to connect users to their intended destinations. When users encounter these non-functional links, it disrupts their search and hampers the overall user experience. As a web or bussines owner you want to aim for a better user experience, ensuring your users a smooth and unninterrupted usage of your application or services. Broken links directly impede the achievement of this objective as users can get anoyed quickly by the unresponsivness of your site and decide to leave and seek content elsewhere.

Dead links can impede the crawling process, preventing these automated bots from effectively navigating through your site. As a result, certain sections of your website may remain unindexed or receive delayed indexing, impacting the visibility of your content in search engine results.

From a technical and reputational standpoint, a website riddled with broken links may be perceived as unreliable and poorly maintained. Users, as well as search engines, associate broken links with outdated or neglected content, diminishing the overall credibility of your website. The social platforms will allow users to express their displeasure with experiencing bad services especially if they are paid.

How can I repair broken hyperlinks?

The find all the malicious links that point to your website you'll have to make some steps that are not difficult, but are tedious. First, manually inspect each hyperlink found on your site. This could be tricky as some links are hidden and can only be reached by accessing the href attribute of it's HTML link tag. Next step will require you to find the code segment where the link is located and take proper action.

For a website with over 1000 pages manual checking is not something what you want to occupy your time with, as for web owners and developers time is precious and you'd rather be improving certain aspects of your content or services.

This is why site checker exists. Web owners can identify 404 errors and other issues their site faces with the help of this tool, considerably reducing the site cleaning process.

Why you should use our Broken Links Checker ?

The validation of URLs is a critical aspect of maintaining a functional website. Our URL checker is a key component of our dead links checker, allowing you to identify broken pages and take action.

Our Broken Links Checker is FREE , has NO LINKS LIMIT and no registration is required for you to take advantage of our 404 checker. With a quick site scan using our tool, the swiftness and accuracy of our crawler will provide you with the entire list of broken hyperlinks found.

Just like all of our services, the link checker is an online tool that can be used on all platforms. Whether you are using a Windows, Linux or Mac based machine you will encounter no problem in performing a website url check using our deep site scanner.

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