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Split, extract, separate PDFs. Use our Split PDF tool to break a PDF into multiple files based on the number of pages, in a predetermined range of pages or a file for every page.

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About our PDF Splitter

Our PDF splitter tool allows you to divide large documents into smaller, more manageable files. Whether you want to split by specific pages or extract only certain sections, our tools gives you the freedom to manipulate a PDF file the way you need. You can use our PDF cutter in three ways:

  1. Split manually: select a page to define it as split point. Each split point defines 2 PDFs;
  2. Split using ranges: a range defines a PDF and the starting and ending pages are specified by the user. Create PDFs with reversed page order using this method.
  3. Split all: every page becomes a single PDF;

How to use this PDF splitter?

Upload your PDF by clicking on the "Upload Files" button, this will trigger the an interface that will help you cut the PDFs in 3 ways. On the top left corner of the interface there is a "How to use" button, click on it to get some information about the way you selected, there is different information provided for every different way to cut the file or you can read the information below. Your uploaded file will be displayed in the browser by rendering each page in the same order as in the PDF and depending on the mode you selected some specific features will be provided to you in order to cut your files.

Split Manually

This mode will provide you with 2 features that are represented by a yellow flag and a circled x, the yellow flag is a split point and the circled x is the remove page button. The split point or yellow flag will determine on what page from the PDF will the split occur, as an example, if you have a PDF file with 20 pages and you click on the split point of page 10 then the PDF will be split in 2 pieces, first piece is 1 - 10 pages and the second is 11 - 20 pages, you can add as many split points as you want. This information will also be incorporated in the user interface of the PDF splitter, taking into account the example above, the interface will inform you that the PDF cut will result in 2 files and below this the page ranges will be displayed for both files over a yellow background.

Split By Range

This splitting mode is similar with the Split Manually mode but it gives you more freedom for splitting and creating multiple PDFs, it achieves this by providing you with two input boxes that allow you to enter a range of pages that will result in the final PDF, this process can also be called PDF page extraction because the range of the pages can start at any page. For example, lets take the 20 page PDF in the example above and lets say that you need to get the pages 7 through 13, you simply set the inputs to 7 and 13 and click Split. Another hypothetical situation is that you need to create two files, one starting at page 1 and ending at page 10 and the second file starting at page 5 and ending at page 16. This can be done quickly and easily by setting the inputs to 1 and 10 then in the interface click on the "Add Range" button, this will add another set of inputs and just set the inputs to 5 and 16, click Split and you will get 2 PDFs containing the pages that you requested. Last but not least, this can be done in reverse, lets say that you need to reverse all pages in the pdf, in other words, you what that the first page of the pdf to be the last and all subsequent pages to be reversed accordingly. Simple, just set the inputs in reverse order, set the first input to 20 and the second one to 1, this will result in a pdf with the pages in a reversed order, this work for all ranges that are in the interval of the first and last page.

Split All

This mode does exactly what the name says, it splits the PDF into a list of files and each file represents a page. If you have a 20 page PDF this mode will cut your file into 20 smaller files.

Processing and Downloading your Splited Files

After Uploading the file and selecting you splitting options click on the Split button, when the software has finished creating you files a download button will be displayed. By clicking on it it will open a new page where you can download the resulting files or the zipped file containing all you files. Notice on the left bottom part of the interface that there is an option called "ZIP FILES", this option is by default activated and will create a zip file or archive containing all the PDFs resulted from the split.

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