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Date: 2023-12-22 | Category: DailyOCR Tools and Tutorials
Author: Herbert Stonerock

What is The Keyword Density Checker?

The Keyword Density Checker is a text analysis tool that our website is providing for free, it will calculate the frequency of the your keywords in a given text or the most used words with their individual densities calculated(if no keywords are provided), it will also provide the density of multiple words that makeup an expression, the maximum number of words for an expression is four, for example "the keyword density checker" would be taken into consideration by our tool. Another important piece of information that our tool provides is the number of times a keyword was detected in the meta title, meta description and H tags greatly improving your understanding of your content and how the keywords are spread in the text.

Defining the terms that we will use

  1. Word Density Checker - a program that will calculate the word density/frequency in a given text.
  2. Keyword Density Checker - a program that will calculate the density/frequency for a list of keywords in a given text
  3. Keywords Phrase - multiple words or keywords that makeup a phrase or a small group of words standing together as a conceptual unit
  4. Keyword Density Formula - a mathematical formula which is used to calculate the density/frequency of the words

The Keyword Density Checker can be used to optimize content for search engines, avoid keyword stuffing, competitive analysis, content development and many more. If you are a content creator, website owner or a SEO specialist a tool like this will bring great value to a text analysis report which is very important in all of our exemplified use cases.

How to use The Keyword Density Checker?

The tool accepts 3 types of text input sources, contents of a webpage, a string of text and a text file, this file needs to be uploaded to the website in order for the program to undergo its analysis. The input areas are split in 3 tabs, "Input URL", "Input Text" and "Upload File", the URL input will not require the keywords because it will automatically get those from the meta data of the website, for the other two input types there will a text box where the keywords will be added, this will also be displayed in some screenshot below. For each case there will be an image clearly showing the

1. If you use the contents of a website then you just need to input the websites URL and the program, as stated above, will automatically get the keywords from the meta keywords of the website. This option has an important advantage over the other two, this advantage is simply the possibility to input another websites URL (your competitors website for example) and compare the results, this way you get an important piece of information about you competitors. In the image below it can be seen that there are 2 text input fields, in the first input field you need to input your websites URL and in the second the competitors website URL, which is optional.

Keyword Denisty Checker URL input

2. Using a string of text is very simple, just copy your text to the clipboard and paste it into the text area, then input your keywords(the keywords are optional) and click "Calculate Density", as it can be seen in the image below, the UI is very simple and intuitive, an input textbox for the keywords and one for the text that needs to be analysed.

Keyword Denisty Checker URL input

3. The last option, is very similar to the the second option, the only difference is that instead of copy and pasting the text into a text area you can simply click "Chose File" then select and upload your text file and add your keywords into the keywords field.

Keyword Denisty Checker URL input

Understanding the results

The results will consist of two tables, the first table will contain the keywords discovered in the metadata if you are using the first input type or the provided keywords for the other two input types. The second table will display the top 10 most used words and word phrases in your text, the maximum of words that a word phrase will contain are 4, so in the second table there will be four tabs that you can click to see the results for a single word, two words, three words and four words phrases. Above the two tables the total number of words, the total number of unique words and stop words will be also be displayed.

The total number of words, unique words and stop words.

Keyword Density total words

The keywords table

Keyword Density results image

Top 10 most used words and word phrases table.

Word Density most used words and word phrases

Compare your keyword density with your competitors!

Using the first input type allows you to add a second URL for which the Keyword Density is also calculated and the results displayed under your websites results.

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